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We take pride in what we do - creating SEO optimized classifieds websites that comply with the latest web standards, since 2007.

If you want to create a classified website, or get a clone of one of our sites, contact us stating your full requirements.

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100% Automated

We develop 100% automated classifieds sites that require minimum or no human intervention, once it has been hosted. For monitoring the site, and for updating it once in a while, you might need one or two administrators, depending on the traffic that your sites generate.

Premium Listings

Premium Listing is another feature where, certain ads in your site would get better preference over the usual ones, as they are paid advertisements. The premium-listed ads would be featured prominently on your site. Premium listing feature is an additional revenue source for the site.

Spam Detection

Classifieds spamming is a big menace nowadays and an additional headache for webmasters. It can be irritating and can cause financial losses to the visitors as well. The sites that we create have inbuilt algorithms for detecting spammers. It can detect and block spammers. There is also an option for Ghost blocking spammers too. So, the site remains spam-free!

Support for all types of Sellers

Our sites not only serve individual sellers, but support businesses as well. Business owners can register as a business user account and list their products. Each business owner will be given a user page to display their details.

User-friendly Admin Page

You can easily administer the website using the user friendly admin page. The admin page helps you to monitor the users on your site and also to manage the advertisements placed on your classifieds site. Also, you can manage the content on the site.

Ask forums/ Blog Section

The sites that we design have an optional ask forum to answer the queries of your visitors regarding the content you have placed in your website. We also include a custom blog section where articles can be added for additional content marketing.

100% Verified Listings

To ensure that the listings in your classifieds are not fake, we have a 2-step verification system embedded into the site. The seller/buyer needs to register with the site and verify their accounts in order to activate their ads. The verification process involves a Mobile number verification by making use of missed call technology, where the users need to call a toll-free number, which gets disconnected automatically after 3 seconds. This method is a 100% fool-proof method to verify mobile numbers. The Email verification process involves a link that is sent to the user's registered mail id, which when clicked by the user, verifies his/her email id automatically.

SEO Based Classified Sites

With the right amount of keywords and the correct html markups used in the site, we ensure that each listing in your site brings in thousands of visitors. This, in turn, would help the website grow organically in terms of visitors without having to depend much on paid advertisements. Categories in the classifieds section can be used for long tail keyword optimization as well.


Adequate security measures are also taken to ensure that the sites that we build are safe from the attacks of hackers. So, you don't have to worry about cyber attacks.


The process of creating a website gets complete only after the site gets hosted. We provide an optional hosting service for hosting your websites without any hassles. An automated back up facility is also provided along with this service to keep your data safe and secure.


Our classifieds sites can be used to power a small niche category or for a small user community like in colleges, companies etc, or even for a full fledged classified site targeting all major categories and cities.